Dundas Global Investors

Dundas Global Investors

Class B – Unlisted Institutional

September 2012

Portfolio Inception Date


Compounded Return Since Inception


Portfolio Size

Class C – Unlisted Retail

June 2015

Portfolio Inception Date


Compounded Return Since Inception


Portfolio Size

Investment Objective

To deliver long term dividend growth and capital appreciation. The performance target is to exceed the MSCI All Country World ex Australia Index by 2.5% p.a. after fees on a rolling five year basis. 

Key Benefits

Pro-active management of both components of total return
(capital and dividends)

Fee minimisation and alignment of incentives

Lower cost base

Enhanced research that capitalises on technology

Class B – Unlisted Institutional:

Class C – Unlisted Retail Unit Price:

Class D – ETF Last Trade Price:


Legal structure

Unlisted, open-ended unit trust

Distribution Frequency

Semi-Annual: December & June

Management Costs 

Class B – Management fee 0.50%p.a | No performance fees

Class C – Management fee 0.90%p.a | No performance fees

Minimum Initial Investment

Class B – Unlisted Institutional: AUD$10 million

Class C – Unlisted Retail: AUD$ 5,000

Class D – ETF: Refer to your broker for minimum trade size

Buy/sell spread:

Class B & C: 0.15% / 0.15% of NAV unit price

Currency: Unhedged

Investment Philosophy


Our core investment belief is that over the long-term the majority (>80%) of the total return you get from investing in equities are dividends and the growth in dividends.

Where dividend growth is the internal compound growth rate of the underlying company or portfolio of businesses. The growth in dividends represents, the sustainable underlying growth in the company, with each dividend announcement, a tangible declaration of intent for the future


Investment Team

Alan McFarlane

Senior Partner

Russel Hogan

Managing Partner

James Curry

Portfolio Manager

Gavin Harvie

Portfolio Manager

David Keir

Investment Analyst

David Keir

Investment Analyst