Apostle Ethical
Global Credit Fund

Our Fund aims to generate strong financial returns by investing in alternative fixed income securities via specialist high yield and private credit investment managers.

Fund Overview

The Apostle Ethical Global Credit Fund aims to generate higher yields than traditional fixed income securities with reduced volatility and with capital preservation at the forefront of our investment decisions. The Fund targets a return of 5-7% net per annum over a rolling 5-year period. 

The fund will invest across a diversified portfolio of alternative fixed income securities by sourcing best of breed managers that specialize in high yielding alternative credit and private debt markets. The Fund applies a responsible investing overlay to ensure that securities with exposure to certain activities as identified by its Ethical Investment policy are not considered for inclusion in the Fund.


  • Access to an alternative, diversified high yielding credit portfolio
  • An actively managed, all-weather fund that combines fixed rate bonds, floating rate loans and private credit
  • Access to highly experienced specialist alternative fixed income managers
  • Ethically screened
  • Focused on investing in traditionally defensive sectors such as infrastructure credit, multifamily housing and retirement living
  • Quarterly distributions with daily unit pricing
  • Australian dollar hedged


Post Advisory Group
Founded in 1992, Post Advisory Group are a value-orientated specialised credit manager focused on high yield, senior loans, CLOs and structured products. Post manages $17.5 Billion in assets.

Kayne Anderson
Founded in 1984, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors L.P. are a leading alternative investment management firm focused on infrastructure, credit, real estate and private equity, Kayne manages $30 Billion in Assets.


The Fund is actively managed at the underlying strategy and asset allocation level to ensure the portfolio is positioned to preserve capital and generate strong returns across a full market cycle. Each strategy included in the Fund has been selected to provide a lever that can be used to adjust the Funds asset allocation to accommodate the underlying economic conditions.



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Companies are negatively screened for direct revenue exposure to:

  • Fossil Fuel Production
  • Weapons and Armaments Production
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol Production
  • Tobacco Production
  • Nuclear Power

Companies are assessed for material involvement with:

  • Human Rights Violations – Including modern slavery
  • Unethical Corporate Governance – (treatment of employees, customers, stakeholders & the environment)


Investing in mega trends – ageing population


Demographic tailwinds and economy shift from high carbon to low carbon will create huge opportunities.


Declining sectors, such as high carbon emitters may underperform over the longer term.

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Please note The Apostle Ethical Global Credit Fund is a wholesale Fund