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Are Dividends the Unsung Heroes of Returns? | Dundas in the Media

Gavin Harvie and Neil Sutherland, partners at Dundas Global Investors comment, as dividends are typically the focus of income investors, growth investors are overlooking the "unsung hero" of long-term returns. Thus, arguing that the sustainability of dividends is the...

Dividend Growth and Where to Find It | Dundas in the Media

Dividend growth is the unsung hero of long term equity returns according to David Keir, Investment Analyst at Dundas Global Investors. Keir discusses the four components of accumulating pension returns; capital, dividend, compounding and contributions. Upon...

Value investors looking towards a2 Milk Company | Dundas in the Media

Read Stephen Bennie's comments on the investment case for a2 milk via the lens of a value investor. Stephen references Dundas Global Investors and their thoughts on the relationship between growth and value investors. 

The Australian – Revaluing shares as inflation clouds gather | Dundas in the Media

Read Will Hamilton's comments on growing dividends and the importance of balancing risk in the current environment.

Hamilton Wealth Partners | Dundas Webinar

Learn about Alan McFarlane's key learnings over the past 12 months.