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The Apostle Ethical Balanced Fund will be an actively managed portfolio that invests in all major asset classes. Investments are made with the intention of generating positive social and environmental benefits alongside a good financial return.

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Ethical Investing

Ethical Investing refers to investments made into companies, organizations and Funds with the intention of generating social and environmental benefits alongside good financial returns

This involves a two-stage process:

a) Selects companies that are deemed to generate a positive impact
b) Ensures none of these companies have any involvement with negative impact


Our vision is to hire world-class dedicated mangers with specific expertise in their niche for ethical investing. As the investible universe for truly ethical investing is relatively embryonic, it will be important to construct a portfolio of both experienced practitioners (core managers) as well as seed and start up opportunities (satellite). This will increase the ecosystem in this space to create a good bench of managers. In addition, it will create additional diversification and reduce fees.

Investment Style

Within each asset class, our best-of-breed Fund managers will use fundamental, bottom-up research to find investments that are capable of real long-term wealth generation. Alongside financial returns, the Fund’s managers will also make quality investments that align with our ethical investing standards.