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Apostle Dundas Global Equity Fund

Dundas Global Investors is an independent global equity investment manager based in Edinburgh. They manage a single investment strategy, global equities, in pursuit of capital and dividend growth to keep their clients’ precious funds intact from the corrosive effect of inflation. They invest in the best public companies from around the world, relying upon their own research to identify them. Portfolios typically comprise 60-100 stocks, with no distinction between developed and so-called emerging markets; it’s a global economy.

By owning equity shares investors gain a direct interest in companies’ wealth generation which they experience in two distinct ways, capital growth and dividends. Dundas Global Investors’ investment strategy pays equal attention to both elements.

Clients’ portfolios and their own assets are invested alongside each other. As an independent firm, owned by Alan Mcfarlane and the staff without external shareholders, they manage client’s portfolios free from the conflict of interest that can bedevil more complex organisations.

Investment Objective:

  • Deliver rolling five-year returns in excess of 2.5%p.a. of the capital return of the MSCI All Country World Index (ex Australia) before fees (‘Benchmark’).

Benefits of investing via the ASX

  • Easy access via your broker or online broker account
  • No paper application forms
  • No minimum investment
  • Investments held via your CHESS account
  • lntraday liquidity

How to Invest

  1. The Apostle Dundas Global Equity Fund is aiming to launch to market in early 2021. To ensure you stay up to date please register below.


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