Dundas Global Investors

Dundas Global Investors

Investment manager Dundas Global Investors aims to build a diversified portfolio of between 60-80 stocks with sustained business and dividend growth to achieve long term capital growth. Strong qualitative and financial research and analysis underpins the Dundas investment criteria. The Fund has typically outperformed in weaker markets and underperformed in strong rising markets.

Their strategy is underpinned by the philosophy that investing in companies with sustainable dividends contributes towards the defensive growth characteristics of the portfolio. A lower volatility portfolio with shorter draw down will have a better risk-adjusted return than a highly volatile portfolio. Over time, minimizing drawdowns can result in significant gains to investors. Combined with the compounding effect of reinvesting dividends this can provide a stabilizing core to an overall equity portfolio.

Dividends are not only a reward for investors, but a statement of confidence by company management and directors; a declaration of strength and unwavering belief in the business’s fundamentals. Dividends send a clear message about the company’s current and future performance and its capacity for protecting shareholder value.

Independent investment research house, Lonsec, has awarded a ‘Recommended’ rating to the Apostle Dundas Global Equity Fund.

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Class B – Institutional Factsheet

Investment Objective

To deliver long term dividend growth and capital appreciation. The performance target is to exceed the Global Equity Market Index ex Australia by 2.5% p.a. after fees on a rolling five year basis.

Key Benefits

Pro-active management of both components of total return  (capital and dividends)

Fee minimisation and alignment of incentives

Lower cost base

Enhanced research that capitalises on technology

Investment Philosophy

Our core investment belief is that over the long-term the majority (>80%) of the total return you get from investing in equities are dividends and the growth in dividends.

Where dividend growth is the internal compound growth rate of the underlying company or portfolio of businesses. The growth in dividends represents, the sustainable underlying growth in the company, with each dividend announcement, a tangible declaration of intent for the future.

Alan McFarlane “Good companies run by excellent boards and management make repeated good capital allocation decisions, avoiding unnecessary financial risk to reduce the risk of dividend cuts. Consistent reinvestment by growing companies is the foundation for future dividend growth and our strategy’s success”

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