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Dundas Global Investors

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Dundas Global Investors are an independent global equity asset management firm based in Edinburgh. As long term investors, they focus on delivering superior growth companies as evidence by the annual dividend per share. This approach has delivered market beating returns with defensive characteristics.

Dundas Funds Open for Investment:

Apostle Dundas Global Equity Fund

  • Class B (Institutional)
    • Class C (Wholesale and Retail)
    • ETF (ASX: ADEF)

    Investment Strategy:

    • Investing for growth, measured by dividend growth.
    • Low turnover.
    • Invest in growth companies with growing revenues, high and growing profits, which convert to strong cash flow providing the funds for reinvestment.
    • High return on equity.

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      “Good companies run by excellent boards and management make repeated good capital allocation decisions, avoiding unnecessary financial risk to reduce the risk of dividend cuts. Consistent reinvestment by growing companies is the foundation for future dividend growth and our strategy’s success”
      Alan McFarlane
      Senior Partner