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Our vision is to be the premier platform for ethical and impact portfolios and solutions. We partner with world class managers combined with our inhouse capabilities to provide innovative solutions to institutional and wholesale investors.

Apostle Funds Management provides investment related services to Australian and New Zealand investors. We offer the expertise of our affiliates and internal capabilities to create tailored portfolio solutions for local institutional investors in traditional and ethical investment areas.

Apostle Funds Management entered the Australian market in 2008 providing integrated portfolio solutions for institutional clients.


Carbon Markets – An Essential Tool for Decarbonisation

The Fund will seek to outperform its benchmark by 2% p.a. net of fees over rolling 5-year periods. The Benchmark is comprised of five equally weighted carbon credit markets: EUAs, CCAs, NZUs and ACCUs. Off-benchmark allocations are also allowed. The Fund will be hedged into AUD.


Our high quality managers offer deep expertise in their portfolios and allows us to combine multiple strategies to the Australian Market.

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