The Fund’s investment philosophy is to source managers who are specialise in alternative sub-investment grade, investment grade and private debt markets. Combination of these assets aims to provide investors the opportunity to capture high yield returns with a ethically screened and diversified portfolio.

Fund overview

The Apostle Ethical Global Credit Fund is an actively managed strategy that provides institutional and wholesale investors with access to global credit markets hedged to Australian Dollars.

The Fund aims to invest in public and private alternative high yield and investment grade fixed income markets by partnering with specialist investment managers.

The Fund is actively managed at the underlying strategy and asset allocation level to ensure that the portfolio is positioned to preserver capital and generate target returns across a full market cycle

Primary objectives

To generate a net return of 5 – 7% p.a. over rolling 5 year periods.
To produce strong risk-adjusted return by focusing on downside protection.
To invest responsibility by adopting Apostle’s Ethical Investment Policy.

Key advantages

Active management

The Fund is actively managed at both aggregate fund and underlying strategy levels.


Across number of issuers and sectors, and across fixed income asset classes, as well as fixed and floating rate securities.


Overweight historically defensive sectors and fixed income asset classes that have historically provided enhanced capital protection and lower volatility than the broader high yield market.


The Fund aims to exclude certain activities with the intention of generating positive social, environmental and governance benefits alongside strong financial returns.

How we invest

We exclude areas that have a negative impact on people and the planet. Not only are these investments unethical but their financial value could be short-lived. Instead, we invest in solutions to major global challenges. These investments do good for the world and benefit from increasing demand in the economy.

0 – 5 % Revenue Exposure to:
Investments that have direct exposure to any of the following activities are excluded:
  • Fossil fuels -
  • extraction and production of coal, oil, or natural gas
  • Weapons and armaments production
  • Gambling production
  • Alcohol production
  • Tobacco production
  • Nuclear Power -
  • direct revenue from uranium mining or from the production of conventional nuclear power. Allows investment in ‘new’ nuclear technologies, such as nuclear fusion.
    For general-purpose securities, direct revenue exposure is defined as direct revenue from a company’s operations or from any of its wholly owned subsidiaries. For special-purpose securities, direct revenue exposure is defined as direct revenue from the investment’s use-of-proceeds
    Exclusion of Non-compliant Companies
    We qualitatively assess companies and may choose to exclude companies that do not comply with our corporate governance standards where they have operational involvement in any of the following activities:
  • Human rights violations -
  • disrespectful and unequal treatment of citizens, including modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour
  • Unethical corporate governance -
  • unsatisfactory treatment of employees, customers, other stakeholders, and the environment
    Where possible, we aim to have no exposure to our list of exclusions. However, where we are required to invest into pooled vehicles, and because in over the Counter (OTC) securities data can be difficult to obtain, we aim to ensure that at least 95% of our Fund has no exposure to our exclusions list. We allow a 5% soft tolerance at the aggregate portfolio level where necessary. For more details, please request Apostle’s Ethical Investment Policy.

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