The investment philosophy is to invest across a diversified portfolio of growth, defensive and alternative asset classes with the aim of generating positive social, environmental and governance benefits alongside a strong financial return.

Fund Overview

The Apostle People and Planet Diversified Fund is an actively managed strategy focusing on delivering positive outcomes for People and Planet in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Fund offers institutional and wholesale investors access to a diversified portfolio across growth, defensive and alternative asset classes.

Primary objectives

Provide a return of 3% p.a. above inflation net of fees over rolling 5-year periods.
Have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Key advantages

Benchmark aware

Managed within a tracking error budget to the Australian Government’s Your Future, Your Super indices.

Diversified portfolio

Provides exposure to a range of different asset classes, regions, sectors, and investment styles.

Excludes unethical areas

Full exclusion of a broad range of unethical areas. 

Impact Reporting

Reports on measurable contribution towards key impact areas such as climate action and gender equality.

Invests in positive impact areas

Intentionally targets investments that contribute to the UN SDG’s.

Megatrend focus

Invests in global megatrends that can drive above-average growth over the long-term, such as climate solutions.


Employs best of breed global managers that specialise in each asset class.

How we invest

We exclude areas that have a negative impact on people and the planet. Not only are these investments unethical but their financial value could be short-lived. Instead, we invest in solutions to major global challenges. These investments do good for the world and benefit from increasing demand in the economy.

0% Revenue Exposure to:
All investments that have direct exposure to any of the following activity are strictly excluded:
  • Fossil fuels -
  • extraction and production of coal, oil, or natural gas
  • Weapons and armaments production
  • Gambling production
  • Alcohol production
  • Tobacco production
  • Adult Entertainment production
  • Deforestation -
  • (non-forestry purposes & deforestation/clearing for palm oil production)
  • Animal cruelty and testing -
  • (violations of animal welfare, unless legally required and testing is based on the principles of the 3R’s – replacement, reduction and refinement)
  • Nuclear Power -
  • direct revenue from uranium mining or from the production of conventional nuclear power. Allows investment in ‘new’ nuclear technologies, such as nuclear fusion.
    For general-purpose securities, direct revenue exposure is defined as direct revenue from a company’s operations or from any of its wholly owned subsidiaries. For special-purpose securities, direct revenue exposure is defined as direct revenue from the investment’s use-of-proceeds
    Exclusion of Non-compliant Companies
    We qualitatively assess companies and may choose to exclude companies that do not comply with our corporate governance standards where they have operational involvement in any of the following activities:
  • Human rights violations -
  • disrespectful and unequal treatment of citizens, including modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour
  • Unethical corporate governance -
  • unsatisfactory treatment of employees, customers, other stakeholders, and the environment

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